If I had to describe myself in one word it would be eccentric. I do what I want, wear what I want and detest anything that feels fake or forced. Capturing raw candids is the goal behind every image. None of the gimmicks or cookie cutter bullsh*t.

 “Just be you and do you" is what I tell all my clients and it honestly never fails. You're the subject, you're the art and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Taking photos isn’t just about hitting the shutter, it’s art! I’m an artist and love is my subject of choice. I capture elopements, weddings, couples and maternities for that reason alone. 

I'm sure you're like "yea, yea but who the fuck is Darius"

Darius is Persian for possessing goodness. It's also my maiden name, a name my superhero was proud of.
That superhero is my dad.
He emulated what it meant to be RAW, CREATIVE, GENUINE AND GENEROUS with his love.

It felt fitting to name my artistry
by Darius

Aside from being a visual artist, I love climbing, eating and creating bomb ass playlists! I am a huge music junkie! If I could play music on website without it looking like Myspace, I would. I can talk for hours about traveling, plants and why Curb your Enthusiasm is one of the greatest shows of all time. Don’t talk to me about 2020, it’s still a sore topic. Otherwise, say hello!

Just be you
do you honestly never fails

Jess exceeded all of my expectations & made the entire "wedding photography" process so fun and easy every step of the way
                                                        -Josh + Ben

Kind words

I would definitely recommend having Jess take your pictures if you want to feel confident and get pictures that will capture your relationship in a beautiful and authentic way!
-Leah B.

Kind words

Besides the fact that our session was a blast and I laughed the whole time (I remember that day as being one with some of the best memories I have!), she made me feel so at ease getting my photos taken. 
- Liz F.

Kind words

You wouldn’t ever regret a shoot with her, you’ll feel absolutely perfect the entire time. And the pictures will always remind you of that.".
-Tori G.

Kind words