Darius is about bringing you images that are timeless. Powerful images that you will hang on your wall, not just store on your phone. A photographer who is ready to meet you where you are.

San diego Elopement photographer 

Here to transform your candid moments into art; art that moves you just as much as capturing your moments moves me. Pushing the bounds of conventional photography and become pieces of memory you'll remember for years to come. 


An eclectic contemporary photographer based in San Diego, California who is down to travel anywhere from SoCal to Seoul. Desert? Let’s do it. Mountains? Let’s climb them. 

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"We had the best time doing photos with Jess. I was seriously blown away by how beautiful the pictures are!! I can’t choose which ones are my favorite. Thank you for making me feel comfortable and making it such a fun experience! Will definitely be contacting Love & Capture for my next photoshoot and would recommend you to everybody"!
-Jess + Humphrey

Kind words

 "Feeling comfortable with your photographer is HUGE because the more relaxed you are with them, the more natural and amazing the pictures come out! And our pictures came out seriously so good! She has such a great eye for subtle posing and directing without making it feel forced. I would definitely recommend having Jess take your pictures if you want to feel confident and get pictures that will capture your relationship in a beautiful and authentic way!"
-Leah B.

Kind words

"Besides the fact that our session was a blast and I laughed the whole time (I remember that day as being one with some of the best memories I have!), she made me feel so at ease getting my photos taken. That was a first for me because I’m typically not comfortable. She then spent HOURS going through my photos and editing them; I’ve never seen another photographer take that much time and care to make someone feel like they have gorgeous photos".
- Liz F.

Kind words

 "I want to make this clear, I am SO awkward when it comes to cameras. It takes a lot for me to feel comfortable in my skin. But she made me feel at ease. Her eye for photography is incredible. She’s fun loving and wonderful. I don’t think I could stand behind someones talent more. You wouldn’t ever regret a shoot with her, you’ll feel absolutely perfect the entire time. And the pictures will always remind you of that.".
-Tori G.

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