Vogue Inspired Black LGBTQ Wedding

September 3, 2020

Those who know me know I stannnnn for editorial looks! Those who know me ALSO know I stannnn for inclusivity. This inspired me to get a team of amazing creatives to showcase Black LGBTQ love! Let’s be real, both communities are underrepresented, however Black women of the LGBTQ community are highly marginalized. I wanted to have a space to create and show the world Black women can partake in editorial elegance without being exoticized.

First piece that was curated was the wedding dresses which was provided by Here Comes the Bride based in San Diego. Here Comes the Bride suggested these beautiful dresses from both Pronovias and Calla Blanche and they did not disappoint. Complete showstoppers!

With us shooting in LIPPS’s Studio we wanted to fill the space with some earthy florals and Best Bud Floral did JUST THAT! Best Bud worked their magic and left us all in awe!

Like, I mean, C’mon!

Before the thought of the photoshoot was even a thought I knew I wanted to work with Face by Raymie! When I first moved to San Diego, Raymie has always been an MUA I admired! I loved how she incorporates minimal and unconventional to her work! Clean and bold!

When it comes to rings no one likes boring rings. Am I lying? So of course we had to add RAW by Olivia Mars to the mix! Her rings are exactly as described—raw! Olivia’s rings are sourced from the Earth and there is such beauty and power in that!

To compliment the shoot we had cake by Wednesday Cake. Need I say more?! The cake screams editorial!

Lastly, I want to take a moment to formally acknowledge one of the dopest team I’ve ever worked with! We all collaborated and created something beautiful for a beautiful community. Thank you!

Floral: Best Bud Floral

MUA + Hair: Face By Raymie

Dresses: Here Comes the Bride | Pronovias + Calla Blanche

Rings: Raw by Olivia Mar

Cake: Wednesday Cake

Venue: LIPPS Studio

Champagne: We Drink Bubbles.

Muses: Jordan Carter & Selina Hall

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