Love in Glamis Sand Dunes California

November 21, 2019

Glamis Sand Dunes is fantastic for many reasons! For one, it’s a desert in California! Before moving to San Diego, I had no idea this gem was there! I knew about the beaches, mountains and national forest but a desert?! I had no clue! The first time I saw it driving through, I knew this was going to be a photoshoot favorite!

I had the pleasure of shooting Lola and Kovu, both met at a poetry slam, which I think is so fitting considering their laid back free-spirited vibe. Lola is dressed in a dope black dress she found at Forever 21.They both rocked a natural look. Lola was makeup-free, which I FRICKEN LOVED, displaying her natural beauty. It was so bomb seeing how Lola’s flow blowing in the wind!

I am a strong believer photoshoots should be fun and not a daunting experience. Candid shots are always my favorite because it shows the truth authentic nature of my couples. Whether its a genuine laugh, playful moment or a dance I’m here for it!

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