Cute Affordable Fall + Boho Inspired Dresses for Couples shoot in Sunny San Diego!

October 28, 2019

Fall is finally here! Not that it makes a difference here in San Diego. It’s the end of October, and we survived another 90-degree weather for 3 days in a row! Like, seriously unreal. For someone who came from the North East, it’s getting some used to. Although San Diego’s weather doesn’t scream Fall, it’s definitely time for pumpkin spice everything and fall colors!

When it comes to color, Fall is hands down my favorite season! I love there reds, orange, browns, and the earth tone aspects of it all. Throwing on a fall-inspired outfit makes me feel confident, but I also imagine Mother Nature giving me a nod of approval, haha. However, sometimes, it’s hard to curate an awesome fall outfit on a budget. Especially when you’re about to have your pictures taken! Looking for that perfect and affordable Fall Boho inspired outfit can be overwhelming, I’m here to help!

When I think of Boho or Rustic, I immediately think of lace. Whenever you sift through magazines or Pinterest, there is always at least a couple of images of lace dresses or outfits. This Boho dress is from a site called Shein. A lot of people have never heard of Shein or have been apprehensive about ordering. My experience with them has been positive for the past 4 years of shopping with them. No, they did not pay me to say that, and no, this isn’t a sponsored post. I just really love the idea of being able to buy affordable outfits for a lot less than most well-known retailers.

 Courtesy of SHEIN  DRESS: $22

Courtesy of SHEIN DRESS: $22

 Courtesy of ASOS  Espadrille Flat Sandals: $13.50

Courtesy of ASOS Espadrille Flat Sandals: $13.50

 Courtesy of SHEIN  Bag $14

Courtesy of SHEIN Bag $14

 Courtesy of ASOS  Sandals $64

Courtesy of ASOS Sandals $64

 Courtesy of SHEIN  Dress $21

Courtesy of SHEIN Dress $21

Accessories can really tie an outfit together. For instance, the Buckle Belt Fedora Hat and the white front lace dress would really make a fantastic combination! The dress is literally only $!2, and the hat is $6. Literally creating a stylish Boho outfit for less than 20 bucks! As for shoes you can wear the shoes suggested above or similar.

 Courtesy of SHEIN  HAT: $6

Courtesy of SHEIN HAT: $6

 Courtesy of ASOS

Courtesy of ASOS

 Courtesy of ASOS  BOOTS: $56

Courtesy of ASOS BOOTS: $56

 Image Courtesy of  HAT: $23

Image Courtesy of HAT: $23

The dress is from Shein and only $22! This dress would pair nicely with either ASOS DESIGN Ripley western shoe boots in tan or ASOS Truffle Collection tie leg espadrille flat sandals. As for accessories, a hat would be an excellent addition and prop for the photos, but it’s completely optional since the dress speaks for itself! A brown or tan wide Brim Fedora hat would really compliment this outfit like the one pictured above from Target for $23. Again, completely optional! The next dress is one of my favs if you’re trying to be more on the glamour side of the Boho spectrum. It’s from Nordstrom Rack and it’s gorgeous!

 Courtesy of Nordstrom Rack  Gown $95

Courtesy of Nordstrom Rack Gown $95

All these combinations would be BOMB outfit, including the straw crossbody chain bag! You can even incorporate the ASOS Boots from above or a cute sandal or if the photoshoot is at a beach go barefoot! The Long Ruffle Sleeve Sequin Gown is a bit on the high side with a price tag of $95. I’d recommend this dress for a beach setting or a glamorous photo shoot location where being barefoot is an option. If it is not an option, I will pair it with some dark brown or tan sandals similar to the one pictured. The shoes suggested would also go well with the SHEIN Ruffle Layered Hem Contrast-Trim Dress, and the Floral Pattern Scrunchie Scarf both of them combined is less than $25!

 Courtesy of SHEIN  Floral Scarf $3

Courtesy of SHEIN Floral Scarf $3

 Courtesy of SHEIN  DRESS: $12

Courtesy of SHEIN DRESS: $12

 Courtesy of ASOS

Courtesy of ASOS

Lastly, Nordstrom Rack’s Blu Pepper Off-the-Shoulder Midi Dress, in my opinion, screams boho! With the lace and off-shoulder, it gives straight-up Bohemian vibes for only $30! If you want to keep the colors earthy, you can use any of the shoes suggested above. If you would like to add some color, these redwood colored leather sandals would be a great match. If you’re into more bold colors, Steve Madden Jess cork platform sandals are for you! It’s a bit more pricey than the shoes proposed with a price tag of $89.

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